Find New Romance Authors On The Romance Matrix

Looking for a visual way to discover new romance and erotica authors?

I stumbled upon this neat little tool the other day put out by publisher Open Road Media. It’s called the Romance Matrix, and it’s a chart with 17 romance titles. The books in this “matrix” are organized by type, from historical to contemporary, mild to steamy according to “heat level.”

The books toward the left are mild, with little or no explicit sex, while the books on the right are just the opposite and are well into the erotica category. If you visit the site and click on one of the books, you’ll get a free sample of one of the book’s love scenes.

This is a pretty cool idea, and a way for readers to discover new romance authors without making the mistake of buying something they’ll regret later (and we’ve all done that, LOL.)

Check it out if you get the chance. You can visit the page at