Your Erotic Fantasies Explored

Hi, I’m Grace McCabe, and I write tales of erotic romance and adventure. What your mother might call “naughty” books, or at least what was considered naughty a generation ago. I like to explore taboos, and push my characters to the limit, and put them in situations where they can express their sexual desires in ways that arouse the reader as well.

I believe that good erotica should be an expression of the author’s innermost fantasies and desires. Good erotica should also stimulate the reader on several levels, not just sexually. Well crafted characters and TakenOnPrivateJet2plot lines, believable situations, these should allow the reader to “lose themselves” in the story, and enhance the sexual experience at the same time.

If you’re like me, you’ve read plenty of poorly-written erotica that left you more frustrated than aroused. Stories that were full of grammatical errors, stilted characters, and sexual situations that just weren’t believable. While there’s nothing wrong with an erotica story that’s sole purpose is to “get the reader off,” I firmly believe that there should be more to this type of fiction, and I strive for more in the stories that I write.

I’ll let my readers judge how successful I am in this endeavor. Writers, like everyone else, are on a journey through life, and I believe that what we discover about ourselves as we move through this world defines us. I hope to share some of that journey with you, my readers, and perhaps provide some entertainment and stimulation along the way.

Blessings to you all!