It’s True, Ladies: Men Can Have Multiple Orgasms Too!

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Listen up ladies, it’s not a myth. There’s been a lot of confusion over the years as to whether or not men can be multi-orgasmic, but the truth is they absolutely can be. Even senior men (and without the help of Viagra, no less!).

How is this possible? Well it’s really no secret, and the form of Tantric practice that makes this possible has been around for centuries. You may not be familiar with Tantric sex, but it was first developed in the 5th Century AD, and has been used to improve the sex lives of men and women ever since.

People who are versed in Tantric sex have learned how to have multiple orgasms, basically at will. This skill typically develops after some amount of practice between partners, but it’s not terribly difficult (and it’s not exactly “work” having sex with your partner – or it shouldn’t be anyway).

Changing The Way You Think About Sex

Most people are led to believe that only women can have multiple organisms, and so the majority of men have resigned themselves to the fact that it’s one and done in as far as orgasms are concerned. But with Tantric sex practices that myth falls away, and a couple’s sexual relationship can improve dramatically once the learns to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating.

Men were always let to believe that they needed to delay their ejaculation as long as possible, so that their partner would have time to reach her own orgasm (or orgasms). This thinking led to all kinds of delaying tactics such as men reciting baseball scores in their head while having sex, or stopping during the act to avoid premature ejaculation.

But Tantric sex practices change all that. Since the man can enjoy orgasms without ejaculating, there’s no lengthy recovery period, an he can engage in sex for an entire evening, or even days in some instances (think about that one for a minute ladies). As the man who is having sexual orgasms isn’t using up all of his sexual energy, he can keep going for an extended period of time, much like a woman can. Imagine having a partner who can literally “wear you out” and keeps those yummy orgasms coming and coming (no pun intended!)

If the idea of enjoying multiple orgasms with your partner (and it should), and your partner is interested in giving it a try, there are a variety of ways you can learn more about Tantric sex practices. A number of good books have been writing about Tantra, and there are weekend workshops available in almost every large city in the country. There are also online resources you can check out, and even week-long retreats if you’re so inclined.



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