The Naughty Billionaire Bundle by Grace McCabe

Hello all!  Please check out The Naughty Billionaire Bundle – Taken On A Private Jet, A Feast For Billionaires and Rich And Dreamy.  This is a “don’t miss” collection of three super hot BDSM erotic romance stories. Each story features a sexy billionaire, and several D/s erotic  sex scenes. Definitely for mature audiences only!

Taken On A Private Jet – Tracy is a transcriptionist working for a temp agency in New York City. One day she’s offered a job working for a handsome billionaire who needs a speech transcribed while he flies to Los Angeles in his private jet. But Steve Robbins has more on his mind than writing a speech, and Tracy has to decide if she’s willing to be his partner in one of these sexual encounters, and get her first taste of his darker world while flying across the country in his private jet.

A Feast For Billionaires – Alicia is an aspiring architect working for a catering company as she waits out a bad economy. One Saturday she’s called to work a party a billionaire’s mansion in the Hamptons. What she doesn’t count on is accidentally offending Jason Ballard, the rich and sexy host of the party, before the event has even begun.

But Ballard not only forgives her, he offers her an architect job, and much, much more. Alicia has a decision to make as she contimplates a night of submission and sexual adventure at the hands of Mr. Ballard. It is a night that will change her life forever…

Rich And Dreamy – in this second installment of the Naughty Billionaire series, Alicia has almost finished designing Jason Ballard’s new home in Aspen. Alicia had a taste of the wild side with Jason, a sexy and dominanant billionaire, and she wants more. Much more. When Alicia shows up at his mansion to go over the plans for his new home, he invites her to fly out to Aspen on his private jet to tour the building site in person.

What happens at 30,000 feet between the two is not entirely business related, and Alicia finds herself in a quandry regarding Jason and any future they may have together. Will he agree to embark on a real relationship with her, or will she find herself all alone once her contract is fulfilled?

This BDSM erotic romance bundle is 22,000 words long, and is intended for mature audiences 18 years or older.