The Wolf In Him Now Available On Amazon

Hey everybody, just wanted to let you know that my new novel The Wolf In Him is available on Amazon. This is a shape-shifter erotic romance, and this is the first book in the Mountain Wolf series. Here’s the description from the books product page:

A small mountain town with a dark secret – Lone Pine is a picturesque tourist town nestled in the Colorado Rockies. But the town is also hiding a dark, dangerous secret as a pack of werewolves is living among the town’s residents.

A young woman caught in a dangerous game – Rachel McClain moved to Lone Pine to start a new business, and a new life. But she soon discovers that living in a small mountain town can be more dangerous than she ever imagined. Rachel is lonely, and desperate to make connections, and she finds herself falling for a handsome saloon-keeper who has a dark past, and isn’t entirely human.

A sexy saloon-keeper who’s more than just a man – Derrick Tate owns a saloon in Lone Pine, and he’s had his eyes on Rachel for some time. When he invites her up to the saloon for a private pool lesson, he has more than billiards in mind. What Rachel doesn’t know is Derrick is a creature of the night, and he feels the call of the moon. And he’s mixed up with a werewolf biker gang that is creating havoc in small mountain community and threatening to expose Lone Pine’s darkest secrets.

The Wolf In Him is an extrodinary journey of love and redemption, set in the majestic Rocky Mountains. This is the first title in the Mountain Wolf series, with more Lone Pine adventures to follow.

Content Warning: The book has a number of explicit love scenes, and naughty adult language. Intended for mature audiences only.

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